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Aromassage - Aромамассаж

30min € 39, 50min € 55, 60min € 65

You can choose one of the below massage treatments or better ask our therapists to advice you which is the best for you!

  • Anti stress – Антистрессовый
  • Relax - Расслабьтесь
  • Refresh – обновить
  • Energize – возбуждать
  • Eurythmia

Detox - Детокс 60min € 69

Detox your body, with deep massage and essential oils synergy which help the blood and lymphatic circulation, to remove the toxins from your body.

Hot stones - Горячие камни 60 min €69

Feel the heat and the energy of the volcano stones deep in your body, that helps you relaxing, detoxifying and revitalizing.

Back neck & shoulders - Спина и плечо 30min €39

Deep back neck and shoulders massage for people with tension on their shoulders

Foot Massage - Массаж стоп 20min € 29

Foot massage and reflexology for heavy legs, especially after the flight

Peace & balance - Мир и равновесие 90min €75

60 minutes full body massage, based on chakras reflexology, using essential oils for balancing the chakras, and 30 minutes crystal therapy. You feel the relaxation of the massage and the power of crystals for balancing!

Tranquility 60min, €64

Different type of massage and different combination of essential oils based on your dosha type (ayurvedic philosophy) for a personalized massage for you!

Children’s massage - Детский массаж 40min 35 euro

Pregnant massage - Беременные массаж 40min 35 euro

Explore Cretan living - Исследовать критской жизни
Full body massage for relaxing, nourishing, hydration and a sense of Cretan nature using extra virgin olive oil from Crete and a synergy of Cretan herbs and fruits.

Olive oil massage - Массаж с оливковым маслом 50’ , €60

Cretan herbs mystic - Критские травы Mystic 50min , €60

Far East escape 60 min , € 90

Дальний Восток побег Для очень глубокой релаксации 30min acupuncture & 30min antistress massage. A globally unique technique invented by the doctors of our centre for very deep relaxation. Not recommend driving, diving or drinking for the next 4 hours. By appointment.


Cleansing pampering nourishing revitalizing

Anti age & Natural face lift, анти возраст и естественный лифтинг лица 50min 89 €

Face massage, cupping, roller or gua sha, with hyaluronic acid, collagen, ozone oil or organic oil depending the skin and the needs.




Clear & treat - Чистить и лечить 90min 79euro

Mineral escape - Минеральное побег 30-45min €55

Cleansing, exfoliating and purifying treatment for all skin types

Essential moisture - существенный влага 60min €69euro

Deep hydration for all skin types and ages

Relief and renewal - Облегчение и возобновление 60min €69euro

A special treatment for dry and sensitive skins

Skin revival - Восстановление кожи 60min,€79

Firming and lifting treatment

Osmoter 60min 79euro

Anti age for firming and brightening

Brightening revival 60min 79euro

hydrates, revitalizing and brightening


Deep hydration - Глубокая гидратация 45min,€37

Hydration and radiance treatment for all ages and skin types

Natural anti-aging - Природные анти-старение 60min,€42

Firming and wrinkle treatment for skins with increased needs

AGNOTIS Aromatherapy - Ароматерапия 60min,€44

Rejuvenates and nourishes the skin.


detox exfoliation purifying anti age

DETOX spa 70min 89euro

Deep massage with organic essential oils and inhalation detox aromatherapy

AYUR spa 70 min 89euro

Face and body massage, based on ayurvedic philosophy using organic essential oils, inhalation aromatherapy

Go Mud! 60min 79 euro

Pampering, moisturizing, revitalizing the body

DEAD SEA SPA 90 min , € 129euro

Exfoliate and purifying face and body with mud mask

CRETAN SPA 90 min , € 98

Body and face hydration with cretan products

Anti cellulite - Антицеллюлитный 30min, €35

Deep and cupping massage

Anti age SPA- против старения (90min 99 euro)

Exclusive oil synergies to nourish the skin


Let our doctor choose for you the best treatment between dead sea salts and minerals, collagen, hyaluronic acid or ozon for the best result! Guasha, cupping, massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy for natural beauty care or anti age treatment! Doctor’s consultation included!

Personalized body treatment Персонализированная процедура для тела 90min 138 euro

Personalized face treatment Персонализированная процедура для лица 90min 154euro

Personalized face & body treatment Персонализированное лечение лица и тела 120min 168euro


One day spa 120 min 99 euro

Face and body massage

3 days spa 3x60min 129 euro

1 face treatment & 2 full body massages

5 days spa 5x60min 199 euro

2 face treatments & 3 full body massages

7 days spa 7x60min 249

3 face treatments & 4 body massages

Personalized for one or two persons by request

Full relaxation treatment


Face & body 135min 179 euro Полный косметический уход Лицо и тело

Nail and Foot care - Waxing - Eye brows shaping - makeup Гвоздь и уход за ногами – вощение - Брови шейпинг